story of my life . . . in 250 words more or less

Am I up for the challenge?  Well . . . maybe, but to be honest I am not starting off great.  One of the many bloggers I follow, Story of My Life, posted an extreme challenge to blog everyday in May.  I haven’t started off great, but I am going to give it a go.  The first day, tell the story of your life in 250 words.  Here goes nothing . . .


I am the youngest of four girls and a Colorado native.  When I say native, it is for sure, grew up in the house that my parents owned for 42 years.  My mom was a stay at home mom, so we got the best experience possible with involvement in soccer, cross-country, Girl Scouts, and baking.  Summers were spent playing X-men with our neighbors, running through the sprinklers, soccer practices and days at the YMCA.

Yearly, family vacations took place.  Sometimes all 6 of us and other times four of us.  My favorite vacations – Hawaii for the first time, cruise down the Panama Canal and Disney World (we wore Mickey clothes always and still have a love for Disney).

Middle school was one of those times, like for most people, awkward, coming into your own and finding your place in the world.  High school definitely one of my favorite times of my life.  I was involved in everything!  I look back now and have no idea how I did it all.  From school to cross-country practice followed by soccer practice, often back to school for yearbook or Girl Scout meetings and home to do homework.  College moved to Nebraska and away from my sister and best friend Molly. However, the best part was my study abroad in Spain with Molly.  Six months with your best friend traveling around, not much is better.

Now I am 26 and still figuring life out, but loving the journey most of the time. I am a wedding planner and love my job and am on the way to starting a new adventure in San Francisco (moving next week, yikes!!)

Whew I am out of breath . . . definitely on the more side then the less!



carnival. cotton candy. ferris wheel.

So you know when you the holidays come around, everything everywhere seems to go on sale.  Well, it does and its hard not to be a sucker for all the sales.  How do you keep yourself away?!  I am not sure, but not that I needed a new dress since I own too many to tell all of you.  This cute dress I had my eye on went on sale and who can say no to that?  The dress with its ice cream truck, carnival like reference, ironically the dress makes me  feel like I should be walking around eating delicious cotton candy, throwing pies, riding the ferris wheel, and hitting the hammer as hard as humanly possible to win a prize.  Wow, that all sounds an awful lot like the last part of Grease.

I think the rest of the day will be spent running singing “We Go Together.”

Outfit Details: {Dress: Lulu’s (similar); belt: H&M; shoes: Target; purse: Accessorize; headband: Target}

Back in Time

Let me take you all on a little trip “back in time” (yes that is a Pitbull song that I absolutely love, but we’ll get to that later).  Alright, story time . . . There once was a girl who started a blog and did really well at blogging for a long time.  She talked about her sisters, the desserts she was making, the clothes she was wearing, all about Elvis, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.  Nevertheless, one day she stopped.  No one knows why she stopped.  Was it because she was too busy?  Maybe.  Was it because her stylish clothes went downhill? Probably not. Was it because she kept forgetting?  Most likely.  Did her sisters and even her brother-in-law tell her she needed to get on updating it?  Yes.  Did she take their advice?  Well, of course she did, but it took a few weeks or maybe months to get there.  But yes, she is back!

Now we can talk about how much I love Pitbull and his sexiness or maybe well just get to some pictures of my outfit.  What do you say?!  The outfit takes us a bit “back in time” to the 40s with the awesomeness of my cool new headband and boca raton sunglasses.

Outfit Details {Dress: Nordstrom BP, Headband: Nordstrom BP; shoes: Aldo; purse: H&M; Sunglasses: Target}